Monday, 28 March 2011

Last week I met someone who works at Transplant, a design centre in Dale, Norway which in itself was quite interesting because Dale is a very small place (around 1,500) and I had also been there, albeit a very long time ago as a teenager, it left quite a mark on me. But this led me to look them up at see what they do, and it seems like an awesome place.

I was particularly interested in this thread
which talks about design which deals with time, something i've been thinking about a lot recently. I like the work of Kristine Bjaadal (above), which starts off fully tufted and gradually wears away to reveal the pattern. I wrote my dissertation on planned obsolescence; how products are generally designed to begin to lose their appeal soon after we buy them, so that we will soon buy new things. I am interested in ways that designers can respond to this trend; partly by designing things which are meant to be safely and sustainably thrown away (in the vein of cradle to cradle) and partly through design which encourages people to build up a longer, more personal relationship with their things, as Kristine Bjaadal has done here so beautifully.

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