Monday, 11 October 2010

Memory project

I have finally managed to sit down at my shiny new desk to try and create something equally new and shiny.. And began by looking through my old sketchbooks for some inspiration. I used to be a sketchbook fiend, but have been slacking rather a lot lately and it was helpful to go back and see things with a fresh eye. Seeing some recurring themes and little sparks of ideas that I never saw through to fruition has led to me writing myself a little brief to be working on.

In past work there is a recurring theme of physical memory; the stories that objects and surfaces can tell about their past. I am particularly interested in objects that change slowly over time, and the unintentional marks that people leave behind them. I see these as maps of actions and interactions, that tell us about the minute, seemingly unimportant (but vital in practicality) details of our lives.

Working in a cafe frequented by older people I have become interested in how memory loss affects people, especially as it is a very gradual process. It appears that this is an area overlooked by design, but that design could help these people to hold on to their independence for much longer if the issue was handled sensitively and poetically.

I am interested in how these two interpretations of the idea of the role of memory can be combined and would appreciate any thoughts or ideas.