Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Its been a little while since my last posts as I've been in Switzerland, working in a summer camp ( with young people aged 14-17 from all over the world, living very simply and working towards community living, widening perspectives and encouraging self government. I thought I'd include here some photos of a couple of short projects I was involved in.
This is a short project, aiming to get the whole camp of 37 people to create something together. The floor was covered in paper and everybody was asked to make marks on it in response to music that was playing. The group were enthusiastic and I think the outcome was fantastic. When it was dry, the piece was cut up so that each person could take a piece of the work home with them.

Above is a social work project, where we organised that a group of young people would volunteer for a day at a local nursery. They ran activities including face painting, collage making and singing.