Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Here's a little update of what I'm working on just now, making games out of food! Here's dominos. Thoughts? Ideas?

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Degree Show
The act of eating is one which is simultaneously the most simple and functional, yet filled with ritual and meaning. Attempts to rationalise mealtimes through fast food and ready meals have been met with the Slow Food movement and similar emphasis in the media.

Inspired by artists and designers such as Lucy Orta, Marije Vogelzang, Linda Worbin and Elise Rijnberg, I am particularly interested in the idea of food as a vehicle for social interaction and communication, aiming to create pieces and inspire rituals that are inviting and encourage interaction, both with the piece itself and with other people. Inspired by the ideas of the Slow Food movement, a principle aim is to encourage an awareness of time as a valuable asset to be spent wisely, rather than a commodity to be bought cheaply through fast food and TV dinners.

This is highlighted by the creation of tableware that is completely edible and therefore truly temporary. Each piece playfully contains instructions for a game that encourages the sharing of space and prohibits rush, requiring each ‘player’ to wait for the whole group to finish each course before continuing. I also utilise various methods of documentation of past meals, to continue this awareness of time and to give vitality to the work.